Table Type Mini Baler

The 4.5x6" Table Baler is a custom built machine that mimicks the function ofa field baler in a smaller package.The bulk of the moving parts are New Holland hay baler parts ensuring years mechanical durability and good parts availability. The frame and bale chamber are custom fabricated and includedin the 12 month parts warrenty.

The balercan bepowered by any hydraulic power source that can provide at least 10gpm of flow. If you do not have a tractor or skid loader readly available the mini-baler can be equiped with an electric or gas-powered engine with a pump to power the unit.

Loose straw is hand fed from the table down to the fingers which pull the material down to the auger.

The auger pushes to the right and compacts the material into the mini-bale camber.

The bale is packed in the bale chamber (chute on towards the left) by a heavy plunger.
Note: Safty shields have been removed for photos

Each bale is tightly packed and securly knotted.

Two bales of twine are used to feed the top & bottom knotter.

A convienant bale counter lets you see how many bales have been produced.

4-6 bales per minute are fed out the end chute for stacking.